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This is my memory book from the movie...

Me and Jim Hanks rehearse a scene.
(Hi-Res Version)

Some of our lovely crew.
Me and Rhiannon.
(She played my best friend)
The Elvis wedding. Devin Witt and Jim Hanks.
Jim let us dye his hair blonde for this role!
Between takes on the cafeteria set. Johnny Pacar eating lunch. (He played Sam).

Scene 52, Take 3... Action!
(Hi-Res Version)
This is Devin Witt.
(He plays my love interest, Atticis)

Me, Cindy (my "Big Sister" / the Director) and Devin.
(Hi-Res Version)


Cindy is directing me
in a serious scene.
(Hi-Res Version)


This is the little model church in front of a blue screen. Later on the blue screen gets "keyed" out, and it will look like it has a real background. (We actually ended up totally using a new church that was created in the computer!) Silver and Atticis... again

This is what it looked like before the virtual
background set was added.
(Hi-Res Version)

Johnny Pacar playing Sam.
Masami is one of our 2 make-up designers.. Isn't she pretty?
This is our D.P. Chris Nibley. Me and Cindy.
Sometimes I got to sleep on the job.. Just kidding! It's me in my bed set. This was a wardrobe polaroid. They take a photo of every outfit you wear in case you have to re-shoot something later. This is my outfit for the school yard scene. These were Cindy's Right and Left hand people, Associate producers, Traci Glodery and Matthew Irving.
This cute little girl played Massey. This photo is a surprise. You have to see the movie to know..
When we shoot a scene, there is a video monitor that the crew watches us on. This is a scene with me and my boyfriend Sam, when I was alive. This was our gaffer.
They call him "Fingers".
These are the other table of kids at the Purgatory House. This is a tattoo that appears in the movie.. It's an important plot point.. so don't miss it! We used to make Seth's hair looks all girly on the set.
"Time for the next set up!" After we shoot the melancholy dream it was fun to stomp on the bubble wrap!

I love my big sister!
(Hi-Res Version)

This is God. OK... It's me and Atticis.. Again.
This is Rhiannon and me
waiting to shoot our big scene together.
Saint James and Silver (me) are in the school cell.
(Hi-Res Version)
In this cafeteria scene, you can see our 2 Canon cameras that we used. It saved a lot of time to have 2 cameras.
(Hi-Res Version)
Director Cindy in her cameo acting role as the guest speaker.
(Hi-Res Version)
Tayler (our "slate" girl)
and George (our camera Assistant).
This is me in front of a green screen.
This green will be replaced and an audience
that was created digitally will be behind me instead!
  We had 26 different locations in the movie. 12 of them were built on an insert stage in North Hollywood. This set was one of them. It was Atticis' bedroom.
Brian Dietzen plays the Ghost.
Brian is so funny and incredibly talented!
  • In my school cell, there was nothing really on the TV screen except blue.

To shoot the reverse angle in my school cell, the cameras were where the TV screen is.
(Hi-Res Version)

Cindy and team at work.


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