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Special Collector's Edition
“Purgatory House”




Including "Best Film", "Best Screenplay",
"Best Actress" and "Audience Award"

Honoring films that make a positive difference in the world by accurately portraying drug and alcohol addiction in the media

"Put the names of Cindy Baer and Celest Davis
on the V.I.P. list of promising new filmmakers."


“Amazing! Brilliant! A cinematic gem that demands to be seen.”
Todd David Schwartz, CBS RADIO

"Original and Unforgetable"

"One of the best films about troubled teens that I've ever seen"
-Terry Keefe, Edtor-at-Large, VENICE MAGAZINE

"A charming, touching, clever and all-around brilliantly crafted film"


“Purgatory House” DVD (International Edition)
14-year-old writer Celeste Davis stars in her own story opposite Jim Hanks ("BABY GENIUSES") and Johnny Pacar (Disney's "NOW YOU SEE IT" & NBC's "Flight 29 Down") and Devin Witt. Featuring amazing music from Natalie Merchant, Blue Oyster Cult, Violent Femmes, Grammy-nominated Eric Bazilian, and other top recording artists. Directed by Cindy Baer. WINNER of 12 Festival Awards, and 2-time PRISM Award Nominee.

About the Movie:
PURGATORY HOUSE chronicles the after-life journey of Silver Strand: a lonely teen who has abandoned her troubled life of drug addiction with boyfriend Sam (Johnny Pacar) only
to find herself caught somewhere between Heaven and Hell. There she must choose whether she will accept her drab existence, or finally discover within herself the power to change. Her guides along the road to self-enlightenment include a wry Saint (Jim Hanks), a motley group of fellow teen souls condemned to the Purgatory House, and God herself (also played by Hanks). Written by and starring 14-year-old Celeste Davis, this semi-autobiographical fantasy is a living, breathing snapshot of how it feels to be a teen in today's world. It's a wake up call. Purgatory Houses are here on earth. Can we help our kids find the way out?

Bonus Features Include:
"Behind the Scenes" featurette
"Putting It All Together" featurette
The LA Premiere
2 Deleted scenes
2 Trailers
Music video by Larisa Stow
Note from Silver Strand
24-hour teen crisis hotline number

Meet teen writer/actress Celeste Davis and director Cindy Baer in 2 extensive "behind the scenes" documentaries, and learn how this amazing project was created from start to finish. Also meet actors Jim Hanks, Johnny Pacar and Devin Witt, along with the rest of the cast and crew who came together to bring this movie to life. Companies featured include Canon USA, Widget Post, FilmLook and 3 Dogz Creative.

Written by a high school freshman, created with digital cameras and home-based computers, and featuring over 200 visual effects, PURGATORY HOUSE marks the true beginning of the digital revolution. From what it reveals about the pressures and struggles that plague our troubled youth, to the cutting-edge technologies that helped create it, PURGATORY HOUSE is uniquely
a sign of our times.


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Hi! My name is Celeste Davis. When I was 14 years old I finished writing a feature length screenplay. A year later an amazing cast and crew came together and made my script into a real movie! Welcome to Purgatory House!
A movie from one teen to another teen. New DVD release includes bonus features showing how the movie was made from start to finish. T