The iconic opening image from GROOVE, as the ravers invade the warehouse.  The rain was generated from a single hose with many holes punctured in it, strung over the opening of the garage door.  The rig was executed by production designer Chris Ferreira, who also happened to be the raver on the far left.

Beth (Rachel True) and Joe (Aaron Langridge) seek out the rave.  On a low-budget show, it’s not always easy to get a sense of depth in the dead of night, but Irving got what he needed when gaffer Cliff Traiman swung around the production’s only 12k PAR and focused it onto the factory smokestack half a mile away.

Lasers are good fun!  Ernie (Steve Van Wormer) shows the local police officer (Nick Offerman) that there’s nothing strange going on here: just your usual office party.  Irving worked hard at keeping things realistically dark, by keeping the “fill light” to a minimum.  Director Greg Harrison had challenged him not to make the typical “overlit” Hollywood look.

Colin (Denny Kirkwood) proposes to Harmony (Mackenzie Firgens) in the warmer surroundings of the “Chill Room”.  Irving and director Harrison worked closely together to create distinct environments for the different vibes and energy levels of the rave.

David (Hamish Linklater) and Leyla (Lola Glaudini) finally kiss on the dance floor as the last DJ spins.  The “speed ramping” effect in this climactic sequence (in which the camera suddenly switches from “regular speed” to “slow motion”) was achieved in-camera and was NOT added or modified in post production.



DIRECTOR: Greg Harrison

STARRING: Hamish Linklater, Lola Glaudini, Ari Gold, Rachel True

DISTRIBUTOR: Sony Pictures Classics

TECH SPECS: Super-16, 1.85:1, Kodak (7293, 7279), Arriflex SR2 

G  R  O  O  V  E