DIRECTOR: Yam Laranas

STARRING: Jesse Bradford, Amelia Warner, Kevin Durand, Pruitt Taylor Vince

DISTRIBUTOR: Image Entertainment

TECH SPECS: Super-35mm (3-perf), 2.40:1, Kodak (5218, 5217), Panavision Millennium

Shooting a scene with Jesse Bradford (far left) on the soundstage in Toronto

Producer Don Carmody, Key Grip Mark Manchester, and DP Matthew Irving

Lining up a shot in the haunted hallway

First AD Patrick Tidy, DP Matthew Irving, and director Yam Laranas discuss a scene

Irving’s lighting goes “low-tech” for some closet inserts

Caught trying to escape: the electric team, led by gaffer Bob McRae

Hard at work: the grip team (led by key grip Mark Manchester) chills with director Yam Laranas (center)

Shenanigans on the apartment set in Toronto.  Note the green screen out the window behind  production manager Hartley Gorenstein.  The view out the window was added later, made up of plates shot in New York.

T H E   E C H O