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Here are some actual pages from my 81 page script...

The Opening  |  Silver's Poem



SILVER (over)

You would think that God would be there

You would think she would care, have compassion,

give you that reassuring smile

and tell you it would all be better.

That's what brought me to my suicide.

But instead of comfort when I arrived, I was punished.

Punished to the immortality of this place:


The movie title which says PURGATORY HOUSE comes up just as we hear Silver say:


SILVER (over)

The Purgatory House.



Silver is getting ready for an ordinary day, putting on make up.


SILVER (over)

A lot of people believe that when you die,

you go to either Heaven or Hell.

Purgatory was thought up by the Catholic Church.

Some time later, God thought that it was

such a brilliant concept that she actually created it.

But in a different image.

This sure feels like Hell.

She no longer watches over us.

She doesn't care to see what we're

doing or thinking. Our prayers are the only ones

unheard, unanswered... We live the same way here

as we did back home,

except we are dead.

And alone.



14 kids sit at two tables, 7 at each. Silver gets her oatmeal from the chef and sits down at an almost full table. One seat is still empty. She talks to JACK, the house jerk. It is raining.



Good morning.



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Purgatory House sample pages from the feature script, written by 14-year-old screenwriter Celeste Davis. Sample of how to write a script by young published teen writer.