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Here are some actual pages from my 81 page script...

The Opening  |  Silver's Poem



Performance art piece in a black box theater.


SILVER (over)


The root of all evil.

Amusing, talking to some funny guy on the Oujie board.

Tarot Cards tell no lie

but bring the evil inside.

But it don't matter.

This is all irrelevant.

We're all stained and dragged to our limits.

Have you been graffiti-ed on?

We all have. We're all mad.

We just want a second chance.

You just want to surrender to the sleep that feels so right.

It makes you lie.

Virgin Cocktails keep us sane.

We're all psychos' right?

It's always around, when it's not your lucky hour.

Philosophy is insane.

Never knowing what to do,

or who to pray to.

So tell me why we're here.

Is this false reality?

Or is God coming near?

Why tomorrow and not today?

It's this evil thing inside me that just won't go away.

He says that though you're pretty,

he'd never be with you.

That's the gay man's excuse.

We all deserve a moment of fame.

To Sit in the spotlight, and glisten while they smile.




Written by Celeste Davis at age 13

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Purgatory House sample pages from the feature script, suicide poem written by 14-year-old screenwriter Celeste Davis. Sample of how to write a script by young published teen writer. Poetry in movies.